THE LAUNCHING & OPENING of the 33rd Sir Buri Kidu Moot Court Competition 2022

Mooting is an extra-curricular activity established since 1989 by the Law School to help law students understand how real court works and their proper code of conduct, the importance of dress code and the use of formal language.  Mooting helps students who took part develop their confidence, speaking skills, writing skills and research acumen.

Every year the Law Students Society (LSS) of the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), reach out to Law Firms and government departments like the Office of the Public Solicitor to provide lawyers to sit as judges in the school organized Moot Courts.

Jema Lawyers has been sponsoring, providing judges and moot problems for mooters to argue on for almost four (4) years now. The support to the students from Jema Lawyers stems from the Firm’s vision of developing the legal fraternity of Papua New Guinea and bringing out the best in young aspiring lawyers.

On 30 March 2022, the UPNG LSS launched the 33rd Sir Buri Kidu Moot Court Competition for the year 2022. Jema Lawyers was acknowledged for its continuous support in the Sir Buri Kidu Moot Court Competitions with a Certificate of Appreciation.

This year’s theme is ‘We Are One’.  The 2022 UPNG LSS Committee’s (‘Committee’) aim behind this theme is to promote inclusivity and collaboration. The theme goes well with the famous saying “no man is an island”.

 The Committee was of the view that mentoring, networking and establishing connections are the way forward. Through networking and connections we get to build a united law fraternity in the country.



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