LTI Trainees Day at Jema Lawyers

Jema Lawyers welcomed six (6) Legal Training Institute Trainees to its Kennedy Estate Office on Monday 20 May 2019 for the Institute’s program called “Day Out with a Law Firm”. This program is held once a year and aims to give the trainees a feel for day to day law firm practice.

The six (6) trainees which included Natasha Harry Tawa, Sheila Gongilo, Mike Sede Golu, Steven Jilawara, Valentine Saweni and Vincent Suapi were hosted by Mrs. Miran Ai, a senior lawyer at the firm. Throughout the day, the trainees had the opportunity to listen and learn from presentations by lawyers and a few support staff who specialized in that particular line of work within the firm. The presentations covered various topics as follows:

  • Organizational Structure/ Performance by Velma Ninjipa (Office Manager)
  • Key Functions of Filing/Service & Deliveries by Dupi Alphonse (Clerk)
  • Experiences of being a new Lawyer at a Law Firm by Luwi Dos (Lawyer)
  • Experiences of a Lawyer by Beryl Kumo (Lawyer)
  • Role of IT in a Law Firm by Joseph Kula (IT Officer)
  • Role & importance of Support in a Law Firm by Paulina Kilamanu(Practice Assistant)
  • Tips for law practice by Miran Ai (Lawyer)
  • Importance of Timesheets by Miran Ai (Lawyer)
  • Role of Accounts by Lynette Forowan (Accounts Supervisor)

This program was certainly a great opportunity for the trainees to get a feel of what awaits them after admission as it was very informative and enriching.

Jema Lawyers continues to support the development of the Legal Profession in PNG. It was a delight to have hosted the trainees for the day and we wish them well in their remaining months of training at LTI.

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