McRonald Nale, LLB, Hons


  • Bachelor of Laws LLB, Hons (UPNG), 2007.
  • Post Graduate Legal Training Institute, 2008.
  • Admitted to practice law in the National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea in 2008.

Experience in Practice

McRonald is the principal of Jema Lawyers. Since 2008 he has been practising as a litigation lawyer in the Supreme and National Courts as well as the other lowers Courts such as the District Court, Provincial Land Court and Local Land Court.

McRonald has extensive experience in civil, criminal and commercial litigation. His experience includes administrative law, constitutional law, criminal law, law on banking and insolvency, land law, company law, law of tort, energy law, property law, law of contracts, family law and human rights law.

Apart from the above, McRonald has practise solely in constitutional reference in the Supreme Court and have also assisted overseas based Southern Counsel on constitutional references in the Supreme Court for various matters.

He also practises in other forms of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, and has experience in handling cases involving industrial disputes. He has also been involved in other law practise related proceedings such as Commission of Inquiry and Leadership Tribunal.

Prior to starting Jema Lawyers in 2012, McRonald began his career with Posman Kua Aisi as a litigation lawyer under the supervision of Hon. Kerenga Kua for over 4 years.