Jema Lawyers hosts Financial Literacy Training with Tiri Kuimbakul

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On Thursday 23rd July 2020, as the nation commemorated Remembrance Day with a public holiday, Jema Lawyers staff gathered in the firm’s boardroom with renowned local financial expert; designer of the “Seven Steps to Financial Freedom” seminar, principal of Walta Peng Publishing & Training and author of, to name a few, Winning The Game of MoneyBe Your Own Boss, and Making Money Without Money;Tiri Kuimbakul.

The seminar kicked off at 9am with Mr Kuimbakul introducing participants to the importance of financial education in order to achieve financial freedom. The eager participants opted to train right through morning tea, as the seminar progressed to its main focus, managing money and understanding debt.

Mr Kuimbakul’s unique approach broke down the journey to financial freedom in seven ‘easy to understand’ steps. All participants were able to grasp the concept, within the Papua New Guinean context and apply it to their personal finances.

Jema Lawyers, being a 100% local law firm, encourages its staff to attend trainings and seminars like this, to improve their own lives. Office Manager, Velma Ninjipa noted “it’s up to each individual to personally get to a point in their life when they decide that they need this kind of knowledge and want to learn it”. The seminar was sponsored by the firm and open to all staff who were able to attend during the public holiday.

After a delicious local lunch menu provided by Mah’s Catering , the seminar progressed into setting goals and making plans for the future. As the program came to a close, all agreed it had been an invaluable knowledge sharing experience. One participant described it as “I felt so many light bulbs turning on in my head. Amazing, amazing seminar”.

Mr Kuimbakul’s invitation to all participants to keep in a touch and a moving closing prayer sealed the seminar at 4pm.

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