Jema Year 2022

3THE LAUNCHING & OPENING of the 33rd Sir Buri Kidu Moot Court Competition 2022!

Mooting is an extra-curricular activity established since 1989 by the Law School to help law students understand how real court works and their proper code of conduct, the importance of dress code and the use of formal language.  Mooting helps students who took part develop their confidence, speaking skills, writing skills and research acumen.

Every year the Law Students Society (LSS) of the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), reach out to Law Firms and government departments like the Office of the Public Solicitor to provide lawyers to sit as judges in the school organized Moot Courts.

Jema Lawyers has been sponsoring, providing judges and moot problems for mooters to argue on for almost four (4) years now. The support to the students from Jema Lawyers stems from the Firm’s vision of developing the legal fraternity of Papua New Guinea and bringing out the best in young aspiring lawyers.

On 30 March 2022, the UPNG LSS launched the 33rd Sir Buri Kidu Moot Court Competition for the year 2022. Jema Lawyers was acknowledged for its continuous support in the Sir Buri Kidu Moot Court Competitions with a Certificate of Appreciation.

This year’s theme is ‘We Are One’.  The 2022 UPNG LSS Committee’s (‘Committee’) aim behind this theme is to promote inclusivity and collaboration. The theme goes well with the famous saying “no man is an island”.

The Committee was of the view that mentoring, networking and establishing connections are the way forward. Through networking and connections we get to build a united law fraternity in the country.  

Jema Year 2020

Jema Lawyers hosts Financial Literacy Training with Tiri Kuimbakul

On Thursday 23rd July 2020, as the nation commemorated Remembrance Day with a public holiday, Jema Lawyers staff gathered in the firm’s boardroom with renowned local financial expert; designer of the “Seven Steps to Financial Freedom” seminar, principal of Walta Peng Publishing & Training and author of, to name a few, Winning The Game of Money, Be Your Own Boss, and Making Money Without Money;Tiri Kuimbakul.

The seminar kicked off at 9am with Mr Kuimbakul introducing participants to the importance of financial education in order to achieve financial freedom. The eager participants opted to train right through morning tea, as the seminar progressed to its main focus, managing money and understanding debt.

Mr Kuimbakul’s unique approach broke down the journey to financial freedom in seven ‘easy to understand’ steps. All participants were able to grasp the concept, within the Papua New Guinean context and apply it to their personal finances.

Jema Lawyers, being a 100% local law firm, encourages its staff to attend trainings and seminars like this, to improve their own lives. Office Manager, Velma Ninjipa noted “it’s up to each individual to personally get to a point in their life when they decide that they need this kind of knowledge and want to learn it”. The seminar was sponsored by the firm and open to all staff who were able to attend during the public holiday.

After a delicious local lunch menu provided by Mah’s Catering , the seminar progressed into setting goals and making plans for the future. As the program came to a close, all agreed it had been an invaluable knowledge sharing experience. One participant described it as “I felt so many light bulbs turning on in my head. Amazing, amazing seminar”.

Mr Kuimbakul’s invitation to all participants to keep in a touch and a moving closing prayer sealed the seminar at 4pm.

Tiri Kuimbakul can be contacted on:


Facebook groups:




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A Day in the Practice of Law with Jema Lawyers

On Monday 13 July 2020, Jema Lawyers hosted eight (8) trainees for their “Day Out with a Law Firm” program. This program is part of the Institute’s Law Practice Management course which is one of the many courses trainees are taught in order to be admitted to the National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea as fully-fledged lawyers.

The trainees namely Bill Samson, Dickson Walip, Nathan Yagon, Josiah Jinimbo, Nylen Jim, Michael John, Thomas John and Danny Kamabo were hosted by our Mrs Miran Ai and Ms Everlyn Sahamie, lawyers at the firm. They had an interactive session all throughout the day with other assigned lawyers and support staff who spoke to them not only on the day to day practice of the firm but the skills and the ethics and values that must always be upheld by a lawyer as prescribed by the Professional Conduct Rules 1989. The session also included discussions around the issue of domestic violence and Q&A time to finish off the day’s program.

Over the years, this program has enabled trainees to broaden their legal knowledge and has given them a better perspective into what life is like when they join a business that is engaged in the practice of law.  On that note, Jema Lawyers fully supports such programs that contribute to Papua New Guinea’s development within the legal profession and like in previous years, we hope to see more trainees next year!

25,149 pending cases – “Put your house in order”, says Chief Justice

Chief Sir Gibuma Gibbs Salika, GCL KBE CSM OBE- Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea, urged members of the legal fraternity to work together to put their house in order. The appeal was made especially to the judiciary and lawyers. He urged all judges and lawyers to put their [court] house in order first before calling on other members of the law and justice sector to assist.

The Chief Justice delivered this message at the 2020 Legal Year Opening Ceremony on 3 February 2020 at the Don Bosco Institute Catholic Church on Taurama Road.

Jema Lawyers were in full attendance as the program began with a procession led by a combined Police, Correctional Services and joint band. The procession filtered into the Institute yard where the Chief Justice inspected a combined Guard of Honor and delivered his message.

The Chief Justice delivered a brief report on the statistics of court cases around the country. Of the 25, 149 pending cases; among others, 8340 are in Waigani, 2608 in Lae, 2349 in Mt Hagen and 952 in Kokopo. He urged lawyers not to seek unnecessary adjournments and acknowledged that there are other factors that cause delay but to work together to move cases along. “We need to start from ground zero at every legal year opening”, he said.

Those in attendance then moved into the grand Catholic Church for a cool and comfortable dedication service, followed by an official photo shoot and refreshments.

Jema Year 2019

Minister Encourages Local Law Firm to Uphold Integrity

Petroleum & Energy Minister, Honourable Kerenga Kua was the guest speaker at the 2019 gala dinner for local firm Jema Lawyers.

At the material time, Minister Kua was Acting Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General. Minister Kua, himself formerly a practicing lawyer with Posman Kua Aisi Lawyers, reflected on the challenges of managing a local law firm. He emphasised that for Jema Lawyers to have successfully practiced for almost eight years was a testament to the great potential of the firm and its staff.

Minister Kua congratulated the firm’s leader Mr McRonald Nale and his staff on another successful year and encouraged that they continue to uphold integrity in the pursuit of justice.

Amongst other dignitaries, the dinner was attended by Inter-Government Relations Minister, Honourable Pila Niningi and the Commissioner General of the Internal Revenue Commission, Mr Sam Koim.  

Jema Lawyers, amongst other notable achievements in 2019, merged with local law firm Spot Check Legal Services, bringing its number of lawyers up to nine and support staff to 17.

On 14 December 2019, the dynamic firm capped a successful 2019 legal year by hosting staff and family members on a full day of recreation. The day began at 6:30am as 26 staff and their families travelled to the Varirata National Park, outside Port Moresby, in Central Province for a cool morning trek followed by a picnic. They also had the opportunity to experience the famous Koiari Tree house and learn off its history. The cool air and change of scenery were no doubt a refreshing experience enjoyed by all.

By 2pm the whole team was checked in to Gateway Hotel as the Christmas decorations by Bilas Events went up in the Jacksons 1 conference room. The gala dinner began at 6pm with creative prizes up for grabs, photography by Skel Picsa, entertainment by Insomnia and a comedy act by PNG 4 Reals. The buffet supplied enough energy for the night ended with an enthusiastic Carols by Candle Light marathon led by the musically gifted Office Manager Ms Velma Ninjipa.

LTI Trainees Day at Jema Lawyers

Jema Lawyers welcomed six (6) Legal Training Institute Trainees to its Kennedy Estate Office on Monday 20 May 2019 for the Institute’s program called “Day Out with a Law Firm”. This program is held once a year and aims to give the trainees a feel for day to day law firm practice.

The six (6) trainees which included Natasha Harry Tawa, Sheila Gongilo, Mike Sede Golu, Steven Jilawara, Valentine Saweni and Vincent Suapi were hosted by Mrs. Miran Ai, a senior lawyer at the firm. Throughout the day, the trainees had the opportunity to listen and learn from presentations by lawyers and a few support staff who specialized in that particular line of work within the firm. The presentations covered various topics as follows:

  • Organizational Structure/ Performance by Velma Ninjipa (Office Manager)
  • Key Functions of Filing/Service & Deliveries by Dupi Alphonse (Clerk)
  • Experiences of being a new Lawyer at a Law Firm by Luwi Dos (Lawyer)
  • Experiences of a Lawyer by Beryl Kumo (Lawyer)
  • Role of IT in a Law Firm by Joseph Kula (IT Officer)
  • Role & importance of Support in a Law Firm by Paulina Kilamanu(Practice Assistant)
  • Tips for law practice by Miran Ai (Lawyer)
  • Importance of Timesheets by Miran Ai (Lawyer)
  • Role of Accounts by Lynette Forowan (Accounts Supervisor)

This program was certainly a great opportunity for the trainees to get a feel of what awaits them after admission as it was very informative and enriching.

Jema Lawyers continues to support the development of the Legal Profession in PNG. It was a delight to have hosted the trainees for the day and we wish them well in their remaining months of training at LTI.


The firm believes that it is always good to take some time out and give to others.

At Jema Lawyers, it has been a tradition since 2016 to “give” during Easter. On Thursday 18th April 2019, the staff of Jema Lawyers which included Mrs. Lisa Nale (the firm’s Managing Partner’s wife) and her dad, Pastor Moresby Tunge, as part of its Easter celebrations, visited 65 children at an organization called Life PNG Care located at Gerehu Stage 4, NCD, PNG. Life PNG Care is managed by Mr. and Mrs. Collin Pake and it’s all about helping to make a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and youth of PNG.

The visit began with the loud, cheerful voices of the children greeting each employee of Jema Lawyers including Mrs. Nale and Pastor Tunge followed by Mr. Pake giving an insight into what the organization is all about. Afterwards, Mrs. Miran Ai, a lawyer, on behalf of the law firm, engaged in a Q&A session with a few of the children regarding their aspirations for the future. At the end of the session, Mrs. Ai said “you can really see on the faces of these children here that they are happy and they have very big dreams and aspirations for the future. Life PNG Care is doing a great job.”

Before presentation of the gifts to the children to conclude the Easter visit, we were also privileged to have Pastor Tunge share with everyone on the Calling of God. It was certainly a wonderful message to bring us all into Easter. The staff of Jema Lawyers then presented goodie bags to all 65 children and donated 20 kg rice (x7), Chicken (x3 ctns), Sausages (x2 ctns), Snax biscuits (x 7ctns), Sugar (x1 bale), a carton each of Milo, Tea Bags, Paul’s Milk and Omo as well as Toilet Rolls (x2 bales), Axion dishwashing paste and bathing soaps, to help in the amazing work of Life PNG Care.

Jema Lawyers is also very passionate about seeing the future generations of Papua New Guinea strengthened in mind, body and spirit and is always willing to support an organization with such a worthy cause like Life PNG Care.


 The Management and Staff of Jema Lawyers wish to congratulate the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Star Mountain Plaza Ltd (SMPL), Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), partners and other stake holders for successfully completing Stage 1 of the Star Mountain Plaza- Hilton Hotel under the leadership of the Managing Director of MRDC and Chairman of SMPL, Mr. Augustine Mano.

Building on its reputation of world class brand, the Hilton Hotel Port Moresby is a game changer to the landscape in Papua New Guinea and that is why we are very proud of Mr. Augustine Mano and his team for this benchmark achievement!

 We congratulate the team for delivering this multi-million kina project ahead of schedule against the odds. We salute your achievement and we join you in celebration on this grand occasion of the opening of this iconic investment.  


As part of our commitment to the development of the Legal Profession in Papua New Guinea, we are pleased to have taken part in the annual “a day out with a law firm” program run by the Papua New Guinea Legal Training Institute.

A total of nine (9) trainees from the Papua New Guinea Legal Training Institute spent a day out with Jema Lawyers as part of their subject, Law Practice Management’s “a day out with a firm” program.  The students namely, Yoanes Caspart; James Mana; Juki Nentipa; Jacob Israel; Bethsehba Kevaro; Paul Olisi None; Bati Paul; Amiki Gibson Tampura and Stewart Thoke had the privilege of observing and learning the everyday practice and normal operations of a law firm. They were also presented with various training sessions by our Senior Lawyers and Partners of the firm. After the day ended, Stewart Thoke representing the trainees said “we got more than what we expected and it was very informative and I am pleased to say that I feel privileged to have come to Jema Lawyers for the program”.

Jema Year 2018

Jema Lawyers Donates To Earthquake Disaster Relief Appeal

Our firm is committed to support those people, communities and organizations that are in need and the well-being of its surrounding communities.

We are proud to have supported the Earthquake Disaster Relief Appeal (EDRA) team to carry out relief work in the affected areas of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that destroyed parts of Southern Highlands, Hela, Enga and Western Provinces in Papua New Guinea.

The Partners, Management and Staff of Jema Lawyers donated over 300 gift bags for children in the affected areas and other items such as clothing, beddings, cooking utensils and food items. The firm also hosted a cake cutting lunch ceremony for the EDRA to acknowledge them for the work that they are doing. While presenting the gifts, the Managing Partner of the Firm, Mr. McRonald Nale and Partner, Mr. Noel Ako thanked them for their courageous efforts to help those that are in need and said that they only wished their little contribution could make a difference.  Mr. Nale gave K 5000.00 in cash on behalf of the firm and pledged the firm’s continuous support with the relief.

“We are in this together” , was the central message conveyed by the EDRA and we would like to reach out to you all and say, “we are in this together”, and help is still needed in the affected areas and if you would like to make a donation in cash or kind, please contact the following:

Seini Fisi’ihoi on| Ph| +675 71124423 or email |

Cathy Alex on |Ph| +675 72074713 or email |

Thelma Ninjipa-Kavanamurr on | +675 72178985 or email |

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