A Day Out with a Law Firm

As part of our commitment to the development of the Legal Profession in Papua New Guinea, we are pleased to have taken part in the annual “a day out with a law firm” program run by the Papua New Guinea Legal Training Institute.

A total of nine (9) trainees from the Papua New Guinea Legal Training Institute spent a day out with Jema Lawyers as part of their subject, Law Practice Management’s “a day out with a firm” program.  The students namely, Yoanes Caspart; James Mana; Juki Nentipa; Jacob Israel; Bethsehba Kevaro; Paul Olisi None; Bati Paul; Amiki Gibson Tampura and Stewart Thoke had the privilege of observing and learning the everyday practice and normal operations of a law firm. They were also presented with various training sessions by our Senior Lawyers and Partners of the firm. After the day ended, Stewart Thoke representing the trainees said “we got more than what we expected and it was very informative and I am pleased to say that I feel privileged to have come to Jema Lawyers for the program”.

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